Friday, June 21, 2013

Just Like Hotcakes

The past two days have totally blown my mind. 
When I prayed for our shirts to sell like hotcakes, God delivered.....big time. 

I have always said that the best way someone can express love for me is to love my kiddos. 
Needless to say, you have surpassed my expectations.

So far, we have sold SEVENTY-SIX SHIRTS...
since Wednesday night. 
Our shirts will soon have homes in FOURTEEN states. 

Just wow. 

In case you've not yet heard, we are selling shirts, prints,
and bracelets to help bring our daughter/sister home from Africa.
We are hoping to order our first batch of shirts by next week. 

And Libby's video? Funny what a video can do. It was a YouTube video that God used to first get my attention for Africa three years ago. And while I thought this video was fun and upbeat, I've had several people message me and say they cried after watching it. God is good. And to think that He may use our story to stir something in someone's heart brings the BIGGEST smile to my face. He is so, so good.

And don't forget!
I'm giving away a shirt both on my blog AND on Instagram

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU... I could say it all day long, and it wouldn't be enough.

Thank you for helping to make my daughter one less orphan in this world. 


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