Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Crafternoon Delight.

This past weekend, the hubby away working a Christian retreat...
you know, molding young minds and whatnot. 

I realize that when some women's husband's are gone, they catch up on some girlie TV, eat bon bons, and sip margaritas. I am clearly NOT one of these women. 

You see, I am a crafter. 
But my hubby hates it. 
He doesn't hate the finished products; he hates the in-between phase..when there are paintbrushes overrunning our kitchen sink and canvases covering the table. 

So when he's gone, I craft like crazy and try to squeeze in as much as possible. 
Make sense? 
I thought so. 

So, within about an hour of Dad heading out, we got to work. 

We started with a few Father's Day gifts that I can't show you yet because the hubs reads the blog. 

Sorry, Lee, you'll have to be patient. 

And then, I tackled this project that I've been wanting to get to for forever:

We hung the springs from my baby bed on Libby's wall,
 complete with a little banner action I threw together last week. 

She can use little clothes pins and clip pictures, etc. to it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. 

We also threw together a little collage on her wall. 

Yes, those are small clip boards. 
And that piece to the top left says LET THE WILD RUMPUS START...one of my favorite quotes ever. 

This piece was my favorite. 
It's made from the top of a shoe box, some scraps, and some pieces I printed off of the computer. 

Easy and cheap is my favorite craft combo. 

And for the finale: 

On Friday, this was a bench that sat in our carport. 
It had spent years in my grandfather's workshop. 
It was special to me but too unstable to sit on anymore. 

So, we removed the legs, worked a little magic, and made it into a very special shelf for Hollyn's room. 

And that, my friends, is what I like to call a Crafternoon Delight. 

Happy Tuesday to you and you and you. 
Libby is spending this week at camp, so we're busy watching Hollyn enjoy her time as a an only child and remembering the days of just one kiddo. Two is such a different world. And I can only imagine that three will be quite the adventure. 

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