Monday, June 17, 2013

As of Late

Last week Lib took a trip to summer camp. 
My girls LOVES camp. 
She gets it honestly; it was my all-time favorite place growing up. 
She's already asking to go back. 
That's my girl. 

Little sister made the most of her time as an only child last week. 
She discovered the joy that is Candyland and now may or may not be addicted. 
And last night when I changed her sheets, she told me that new sheets are her favorite. 
Me too, Hollyn. Me too. 

Yesterday we went all out for Father's Day. 
By ALL OUT, I mean we went to church, came home, and laid on the couch. 
We're real party animals around here, let me tell ya. 
We did tell him multiple times how much we love him. 
Glad he loves us and all our craziness. 

McCall (that's me): 
I'm quickly learning that adoption isn't for the faint of paperwork and hoping to start our first fundraiser soon (by soon I mean, I'm hoping for today or tomorrow). I'm also hoping that the stars will align, and that I'll get to see my two college besties this summer in spite of the fact that chances are looking pretty slim. A girl can hope, right? This whole 'we live many hours apart and only see each other on occasion' thing just isn't doin' it for me. Can I get an Amen? 

Here's hoping summer is treating you well and that you have endless supplies of popsicles and sunscreen. 

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  1. what a sweet recap post! adorable photos too! :) {i'm also trying to work out a trip with some of best girl friends...i hope the stars align for us both!! girls weekends w/ besties are so good for the soul...} oh, and i love new sheets too. i'm with you, hollyn. :)


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