Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Loving Lately

See this picture? Isn't she beautiful? She's one of our Noonday artisans in Rwanda. 
She's one of the many lives that have been changed through YOUR Noonday purchases.
And see what she's holding? Look closely. It's a note from me and my family, thanking her for her hard work and for being a part of it all. And the first time I saw it, it made my cry. It seemed to make Noonday even more real to me. I AM working to change the world for even one person. While I love the pretty accessories and the excuse to look cute that Noonday offers, I love these artisans so much more. And tomorrow the new spring line comes out with over seventy new pieces. That's over seventy ways that you can make a change in the life of someone else in this world. AND I LOVE IT. 

This week I'm also loving......

*Monday night, the Noonday ambassadors have a conference call with THE JEN HATMAKER. Ask me if I was excited. 

* A little girl I prayed for what seems like a long time recently celebrated her first birthday

*This week's Sevenly Cause

*This post on how to show love to a special need's family. 

*My friend Lindsy's new fundraising t-shirts

*Super excited about FINALLY seeing this movie. It's about time. 

*This post by Jami Nato on saying no. 

*This amazing post on serving our sisters. 

What are YOU loving this week? I'll be back tomorrow to share some of my favorite new Noonday pieces with you. Are you excited? Good. That makes two of us. 

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