Friday, February 15, 2013


I am that mom who: 

-after eight years is still, constantly, every day, learning something new about myself, my kiddos, and my job as their mom. This whole motherhood thing is essentially largely about always moving forward, always evolving, always growing, and always changing--- hopefully for the better. Just when you think you've got this, they grow. They learn something new. They change. And you quickly realize, you don't got jack. 

-openly admits that motherhood is hard. At times, it's frustrating, it's overwhelming, and it's often lonely. Why lonely, you ask? Aren't there millions of mothers in the world going through essentially the same struggles, giving their all every day only to feel like they're still messing it up? Of course there are, but society and Donna Reed tell us not to talk about those things. And thus, we feel alone. 

-has been reminded time and time again that there is no way I could do this without my Jesus. On the days when it's just too much or I've had all the permanent marker incidents I can stand, He reminds me to be patient. Be still. Be brave. Keep on chugging. If He can love me after all the times I've failed Him with grace that is new every morning, the least I can do is work to forgive my kids after they cut their own hair, lock the cat in the play kitchen, color on everything we own, and leave sour milk sippy cups in my car. 

I am the mom that: 

- was an only child. Sibling rivalry is a foreign concept to me. Why can't we just all love each other and get along and share? I would give anything for a sister; can't you at least appreciate the one you have been blessed with? I mean, come on. LOVE YOUR SISTER ALREADY. Pleaseandthankyou. 

- still, after eight years, gets grossed out on a regular basis. 
Poopy diapers, wiping little booties, snot, boogers, and throw up. Oh my. 

- has just now realized that there are books on parenting. And I should read them. If I were going to get a job doing ANYTHING ELSE in this world, I'd learn everything I could about it. I might even have spent four (or more) years getting a degree to teach me to do just that. But become a mom and it's like, "No instructions. No past experience. No problem. You'll figure it out. Good luck. Here's hoping you and your kids make it out alive and without severe emotional damage". Parenting books (at least some of them) are helpful. I DO have things to learn. I AM a reader. I clearly DO NOT know everything. I WANT to be the best mom I can be for my girls. It just makes sense. 

- messes up. Often. I have regrets about how I handled situations, what my kids ate that day, and the time I spent doing dishes versus playing Go Fish. But I am getting better. I am doing my best. And I have truly mastered the art of asking for forgiveness. 

I am THAT know, the one who: 

- really wishes sometimes that my kids were more alike. If we're being honest here (which we are), my kids are total opposites in almost every way possible. This means that how we discipline one doesn't work for the other one. And that's hard. It's stressful. It's not fun. But we're getting there. 

- honestly thinks my kids are the most talented, beautiful, precious, funniest kids ever. My heart literally feels like it's going to burst in my chest sometimes when I look at them. 
And this is exactly how I think it should be.

-will leave the house looking like a total mess from head to toe, but you'd better believe my kids will be cute. WHY do we do this? Someone please explain it to me. 

-will shameless eat M and M's like it's my job, but my kids WILL eat their broccoli.
 It's the law in this here land. 


- has learned almost everything I know about love from my kids. They bring out the best in me. They helped me grow up. They changed me. They molded me. They shaped me. 

-will never ever for the life of me understand how something that is sometimes so challenging and so hard can also bring me such intense joy and such extreme happiness. 

-feels the utmost sense of responsibility to teach my kids to care for others, to think about the least of these, to love the seemingly unlovable, to do more than what society sees as acceptable. I want them to be givers, not takers. Selfless, not selfish. Helpers, not hurters. 

-knows I will miss this time in my life when Libby literally asks two hundred questions a day, thinks she has it all figured out, and has more ideas in her head than I can keep up with.

-realizes I will one day long for the sound of Hollyn singing to herself as she plays with My Little Ponies for the one hundredth time this week, crawling in my bed five out of seven nights a week at roughly two a.m., and crying simply because I had to leave to take a shower. 

- is working hard to see the beauty in the mess that often comes from being a mom and is having more fun trying than I ever thought possible.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this year's I AM THAT MOM series. I have truly enjoyed reading your stories, relating to your struggles, and sharing your joys.



  1. that mom - who read this and said, "me too" (especially the one who looks all a hot mess but her kids are dressed to the nines!)

  2. McCall- I am that mom who: thoroughly enjoyed reading this series!!! Thank you so much- I have loved reading each and every one of these posts. As a stay at home mommy myself, it is always refreshing to hear other moms perspectives of motherhood. There is so much we can all learn from each other if we just take the time to listen. Motherhood can certainly be a difficult job at times, but it is the BEST and most important job in the world. I can't wait for next year's series!! :) Tiffanie

  3. i love this! I'm also the mom who read each word and shook my head and thought, "me too!" ... especially the M&M's for me and the broccoli for the littles...that's just how I roll :) it's good to know we aren't alone in this crazy ride of motherhood!! SO glad I found your blog. :)!

  4. Learning to ask for forgiveness... Yes, you have it just right. I am still doing that. You are awesome.


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