Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Am That Mom: Shannon

I am that mom... that thought I had life all figured out. I had a perfect plan, and that plan included THREE kids. My husband agreed. He had 3 kids in his family, I had 3 kids in my family. Perfect, right? Well imagine my surprise when my third pregnancy resulted in TWINS!

I cried and cried when the ultrasound tech said "There are TWO babies in there!"

I was 20 weeks pregnant and I had NO CLUE. Seriously. At home we had a little boy who was 3 and a little girl who was 17 months old. I think it's fair to say that it was one of the craziest, scariest, most overwhelming days of my life! I was thinking about this ONE baby, planning for this one baby, and buying everything for our family based on just 3 kids (big things like our car and little things like our stocking holders)! One minute you think you know how your life is going to go, and then the next minute it's totally different. It's scary, and it's wonderful! Isn't that what makes life worth living... never knowing what's around the corner. For me personally it was a very spiritual experience. It was God speaking in his very loud Old Testament voice, "Shannon, you have no idea what's best... I know what's best." The whole process of a baby being formed in the womb, which has always awed me, was even more impressive when I had a front seat to witness two babies growing inside me.

Life with 4 young kids has been nothing short of CRAZY!  The first year was absolutely insane.  There was time in the NICU (the twins were born at 34 weeks).  There were 3 kids in diapers.  Triple strollers.  Tandem breastfeeding.  Sleepless nights and zombie-like days.  Mountains of laundry, dishes, and baby food jars.  Trying to figure out how to grocery shop with 4 little ones (2 in carriers) or just get everyone in and out of the car!  There were times I felt so isolated and so STUCK at home while outside the world kept turning.

As the twins approach age 2, our house is still Crazy Town, population 6. It's messy, covered in toys, and there's peanut butter on the walls.  If you walk in at any given moment, you'll probably hear at least 3 kids crying, and I can't guarantee there won't be a kid pooping on the floor.  But there's also lots of laughter and lots of love. I really wouldn't have it any other way!  

I have to say that having twins was the best thing that ever happened to me. Not just because they're super cute and make our family complete, but because I've been set FREE from my plans!   I can trust God knowing that His way is FAR better than mine!!!

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  1. Shannon- This is my story too! We were beyond shocked to find out at 20 weeks. We had not even told anyone we were pregnant. We had a 4 year old girl and a very difficult 2 year old boy. Everything changed forever. I remember crying because we all couldn't fit in the car. The only difference is my boy/girl twins were born at 36 weeks and came home in 24 hours. I never had a triplet stroller- they didn't sell them then. When your twins turn 3, it will be soooooo much better! McCall can give you my email and I can tell you what it's like to have 2 in college and 2 in high school.

  2. Shannon we live in Crazy Town, population six too! I wouldn't change a thing:-) (except maybe getting more sleep)

  3. Love this. Freedom from *my* plans. yes!


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