Friday, September 21, 2012

Speaking Her Love Language

I am an only child, at least in the technical sense, 
as my step brothers didn't join my life until I was half way through high school.
So, this whole 'juggling two kiddos' thing is hard for me sometimes. 
I have no experience in sibling rivalry and how to make it stop, and here lately it has reached an all-time high at our house.
 Fortunately, I HAVE learned a few things in the past two and a half years though,
 one if which is how important it is to speak their individual love languages. 

And this girl loves to be in the spotlight. 
She thrives on one-on-one time, 
whether it's watching her sing the latest song she's written 
or taking the time to take through the latest picture she has drawn. 

She needs to know we listen to her and value what she has to say; 
she needs to feel like the priority that she is.
Making time for just us is a priority where Libby is concerned; 
my girl craves time alone with each of her parents.

And when her personal time with mom and dad needs are met, I find that there is less girl drama in our house, making the world a better place for all involved. 

Let's just be honest, dealing with sibling rivalry is not the most fun thing I've ever done. 

So we do what we can to keep it at bay in our house, including regular time alone with the Libster. 

Good thing she's fun to hang out with and makes a great movie/reading/window shopping/model in the backyard date. 

So while I still have two tons of lessons to learn regarding the whole 'how to love your sister unconditionally and realize she is a gift to you straight from God' department, this is what I've learned so far: 

find what works for your kid in terms of helping him or her feel loved.

 Maybe it's physical touch, maybe it's acts of service, or maybe it's words of encouragement.  
For this here eight year old, quality time is where it's at, so quality time she shall receive. 

Oh, and I'm sure you noticed Libby's accessories in this here post...
thanks for that, Noonday

Here are the pieces she's sporting: 

Here's hoping your weekend is filled with all things fall.
 Football, candy corn, and perhaps pumpkin muffins are on the agenda at our house. 


  1. So, so true!!! I have three sisters and I still don't understand siblin rivalry...or how to fix it!!!


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