Monday, April 9, 2012

Secret Church and Easter, All Rolled into One

On Friday night, Lee and I got the chance to experience the blessing that is Secret Church.

Long story short, Secret Church is a simulcast put on by David Platt, author of Radical. It's a six-seven hour long intensive Bible Study, meaning we were at church learning and praying and growing from 6pm to 1am. And it was wonderful. He holds Secret Church twice a year, and this time approximately 50,000 people around the world took part. And the prayer focus this time? The Horn of Africa, which includes Ethiopia. It was so good to know that so many people were joined in prayer for this nation and its people. If you ever have a chance to participate, I HIGHLY recommend it. David does an amazing job. He even managed to make me feel better about myself, seeing as how he's the only person I have ever heard who talks faster than I do. And in seven hours, I was NEVER bored, which is saying a lot because in college I had trouble keeping my ADD at bay for anything more than fifty minutes. I can't think of a better way to spend Good Friday than studying God's word.

A few highlights from my 215 page 'study guide' that we completed Friday night:

-"Man with all his shrewdness is as stupid about understanding by himself the mysteries of God, as {a donkey} is capable of understanding musical harmony." -John Calvin

-God' capacity to forgive is greater than our capacity to sin.

-Will we embrace our comforts, or will we embrace the cross?

-The ultimate reason suffering exists is to exalt the glory of God's grace through the suffering of God's Son for the salvation of undeserving sinners.

In other news, our family had a wonderful time celebrating this Easter weekend. Here are a few snapshots from our time together:

And most importantly, my weekend was made when Libby made this for me yesterday.

Talk about one proud momma. That would be me.

Here's hoping your Easter weekend was filled with blessing after blessing after blessing and that you're off of work today. We are making the most of every moment and are celebrating with Chinese food for lunch and a redbox movie. You?
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  1. I agree about Secret Church 100%. It was a blessing.


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