Monday, April 30, 2012

One Week Down; Three Weeks to Go

Happy Monday! With only three Mondays left in the school year, I am one happy girl. 

But today, I'm here to talk about my Whole 30 adventure. 
First, let's talk about the response from my friends and family. 
Basically, I can roll up all of the responses into two general comments: 

1. You're doing WHAT? What are you going to eat? How can you live off of that? Are you CRAZY? 


2. How awesome! I want to do it too!

Before you get mad at my friends who fall into the #1 category, let me take up for them for just a second. I meant what I said when I told you I eat like a teenage boy. My best friend Kara literally said, "Where's my best friend and what have you done with her?" when she found out. And considering I don't eat any vegetables except for green beans and fried okra (it counts, okay. Back off. Please), they are totally justified in this response. It is a bit extreme, which is partly why I like it. The more extreme, the more accomplished I feel when it's all over. 

Btw, Kara called me yesterday for all of the specifics; she's thinking of starting Whole30 with a friend from work. You can do it, Kara. Just say no to Sour Patch Kids and Diet Dr. Pepper and you got this. 

The good news is: week one is officially over. I've heard it's the hardest week. Let's hope so because Tuesday's headache was a force to be reckoned with. I do feel much, much better and am now having very few cravings. And while I'm in no way doing this for weight loss, I'd be lying if I said that wouldn't be AWE-SOME, and I swear my clothes are looser already. 

My favorite I ate last week:

this here smoothie. 

Super easy. Super quick. 
Three ingredients. 

Just mix one and half frozen bananas, one to one and a half cups of strawberries (frozen or fresh), and 3/4 a cup (or so depending on how many strawberries-- you just want enough to add some liquid to help it blend) fresh squeezed or no sugar added orange juice. Easy peasy and fab-u-lo-so. 

Here's hoping your week is off to a great start and that my will power keeps on trucking for the next twenty-two days. 

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  1. Ha ha! I had both responses. I'm trying to talk the husband into doing it with me. Much easier to do something like this with somebody.

    Way to go! One week down! You can do it!!!


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