Monday, April 2, 2012

Libby: As of Late

Sometimes I swear my seven-year-old has a full-time, full-grown agenda all her own. She is seriously one busy kiddo. Does it ever end? Not at our house. It seems like no matter how we try to cut back or weed out, the busier we get. I digress. Anyway, here are some of the highlights of things that have been keep us smiling lately....busy, but smiling.

Dr. Seuss's birthday: Libby was Fern, complete with her very own Wilbur.

My little artist won second place in the first-grade coloring contest. In case you skipped first grade or simply don't recall, this is a BIG DEAL. We're talking huge. Gigantic. Enormous. Pretty sure this was a way bigger deal in our house than when I get named STAR teacher a few months ago. She even got free ice cream at lunch (aka best first grade prize ever in the history of first grade prizes).

And, most recently, was Libby's first grade play. In case there was any confusion, she was a spider. Whoever painted her face, thank you for using washable paint; we can be friends. She had a great time, and her teacher deserves a medal. And leave it to Libby...she not only learned her lines, but she learned ALL of the lines. She can literally recite the entire play...start to finish. Whoa. It's intense. The kid has a crazy insane memory. No clue where she gets that....okay so maybe I have a little clue, seeing as how I can still recall what I wore to my friend Amanda's ninth birthday party. Yup, totally serious.

Here's hoping your Monday felt more like Tuesday and that you have big plans for Easter. We always celebrate with my parents. You? And in case the Easter Bunny calls, what is YOUR favorite thing to get in your Easter basket? What's the best thing the Easter Bunny ever left for you....or the funniest? Do tell.

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