Sunday, May 22, 2011

First in the State, Ain't it Great

Here's a clip from a conversation I had with Libby earlier this week:

Libby: "I can't believe that girl. She's won two reading fairs, and she's only in kindergarten."

Me: "Ummmm...Lib, are you talking about yourself?"

Libby: "Duh, Mom; I'm the coolest."

And although it's a bit prideful, she's kinda got a point;
my kid can rock a reading fair like no other.

And Friday we headed to our state's state department of education for the state reading fair.

And despite the fact that I had to bribe her with the promise of a feather hair extension if she won in order to get her to practice, Libby totally nailed it.

She wasn't the least bit nervous, and she held her own while left alone with only the other contestants and judges while Mom and Dad and Mimi waited in the room down the hall....for two hours.

And what I would have given to be a fly on the wall and hear what she said to the judges.
When I asked what they asked her, she told me it was private.
Alrighty then.

We are all so proud of our Libster, who is now the Mississippi kindergarten state reading fair champion.

First the reading fair, next the world.

Ok, so maybe not the whole world at once.
Perhaps we'll just start with improving our math skills.

Feather hair extensions here we come.

Here's hoping your weekend was of the extraordinary variety.
Mine was spent with good friends and filled with laughter...and very little back pain.
And that alone is reason to celebrate.

And now I leave you with one burning question:

what exactly does one do with a  state champion reading fair project when the reading fair is over?
Can I chunk it or do I have to keep it?
I can't seem to find that page in the mothering guide.....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let's Be Honest Here

Sometimes life is hard....
really, really hard.....
kinda like it is right now.

And after the nerve block earlier this week and with the Lyme disease still in full force, I'm hanging by a thread.

Things that are cheering me up during this not so fun phase in my life:

It's been rather chilly this week, which I've been loving seeing as how in about a month I'll be sick o'sweating. And the other day, Rachel, Molly, and I matched. And it was not on purpose.
Too much togetherness is to blame.

In an attempt to help my back, I've been walking...a lot. We're talking three to four miles about four times a week. And the other day we took a detour....through the woods. Think field trip a la nature.
And this was our view. Seriously.

Libby came home from school with this picture earlier this week, and while I love my child to the moon and back, this. cracks. me. up. every time I look at it.

Highlight of the week:

I finally joined the 21st Century and got a cell phone.
I kinda don't know what to do with myself.

And after I went shopping for it, I had a convo. with the Libster that went something like this:

Me: Lib, today I went shopping for something I've really been wanting. Any ideas what it might be????

Lib: A baby from Africa??!!!???

How does she come up with this stuff?

Here's hoping your week has been overflowing with coolness, and please continue to bare with me as I desperately try to show my back who's boss.

Happy early weekend to you and you and you.

Monday, May 16, 2011

And I Quote

Quotes: one of my very favorite things....ever.


Happy Monday to you and you and you.
In almost exactly twenty-four hours I'll be in the middle of my first nerve block for my back. And I couldn't possibly be more excited. The nurse guaranteed I'd have at least twenty-four hours of no back pain following the procedure, and I plan on holding Hollyn for about twenty of those twenty-four hours, seeing as how I've been banned from picking her up since January.
Cross your fingers that all goes well, please. I'll be forever grateful.

And here's what you might have missed this weekend:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

I am a confident person.
It's true.
Although I for sure think there are some things I'd like to improve (such as being neater, returning phone calls in a more timely manner, and not freaking out every time I lose something), I am generally happy with the person I have grown to be.

However, this doesn't mean for a second that I don't sometimes daydream about the things I'd change if I could. And if I needed inspiration, I'd have to look no farther than my friends.

If it were possible, here's how I'd get by with a little help from my friends:

....Shelby's hair....

...Michelle's photogenic skills....

...Kara's strength....

...Janelle's amazing listening skills....

...Rebecca's ability to go with the flow....

...Blair's figure (I mean seriously-- look at how adorable she is preggars. Now please imagine how stinkin' cute she is otherwise)....

.....Casey's sense of style....

....Erin's mile long eye lashes....

....Meg's uh-may-zing blue eyes (and freckles)...

....Kristen's abs....

....Megan T.'s artistic skills....

....Rachel's musical skillz (that's skills with a Z)....

...Melissa mothering ability.....

....Peyton's ability to drop it like it's hott......

...Heather's ability to run like the wind (seriously, I think she can so do this)....

....and Molly's sweet, sweet smile.

And never fear, my friends are nice.
 If you like their traits as much as I do, I'm sure they'll share.

Happy Saturday to you and you and you.

And in case you're wondering, the Lyme is in full swing, and that means I'm one sleepy girl.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thanks, Blogger, For Crampin' My Style

Again, I apologize about being MIA...but this time, blogger is partly to blame.
Seriously, whoever's idea it was to have blogger be in non-working order all day yesterday, you are crampin' my style.

With that being said, here's what you've missed:

So on Monday my friend Mandi and I went to the lake......

...and pretended it was the beach. For the most part, I'd say this venture was a t-total least until we got hot and turned in early.

But, the conversation couldn't possibly have been better.

Mandi, you are the cutest.

(See below and feel free to agree.)

Tuesday I had an out-of-town doctor's appointment (which I feel like is the story of my life these days), and Libby was recognized by our school's central office for winning the regional reading fair. By the way, the state fair is next Friday....fingers are already crossed.

Wednesday was the day the bottom fell out.

Lyme disease test results came in.....


Too bad this kind of LYME isn't as good as the kind of LIME in the picture, agreed?

Who likes Lyme? 

'Cause I am so not a fan right now. 

In case my back and Lyme disease wasn't enough on my plate, let's don't forget about the great fall of 2011.
Believe me when I say that this looks GOOD compared to last week:

At least I have this to cheer me up:

Did I mention that her Mother's Day card said,
" I'm sorry about your accident. Next time please be more careful."

Oh, the wisdom of my wee one.

Right now, I'm thinking some time in one of these would do me a world of good:

As would taking time to make some of these:

And embark on one of these:

Happy Lyme Free Friday to you and you and you.

And if you need me, I'll be in my know-- the one that won't allow me to fall or contact any strange and unusual illnesses.  I'm thinkin' it's for the best.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Anyone Have a Bubble I Can Borrow???

Happy freakin' Monday, my lovelies.

If you know me at all, you know that I can pretty much laugh at anything,
and that quite often I am laughing at myself.
And this is one of those times.

So, please know that I write this post in order to emphasize the funny, and with that being said, please ignore the fact that this is ridiculously pathetic and pitiful.
Remember, we are focusing on the funny.

OK, so I kinda feel like I need a t-shirt that says this:

Why's that you ask?

Well, there's the bulging disc and the Walkman look-a-like/wannabe heart monitor/back box that I swear draws in a crowd every time I leave the house, which is funny because I thought no one was supposed to notice it. Huh.

There's also the tick bite I got last week. I'd show it to you, but it looks nas-ty, and that's just not cool. I try to keep my blog as nasty free as possible. And yes, I did take a Lyme disease test. And yes, the results come back today. And no, I'm not worried about it. After surviving E-coli, everything else is small potatoes.

Well, in addition to the bulging disc and tick bite, I'd also like to add this to the mix:

Because I simply didn't have enough going on with my body.
This is what happens when I try to walk.
Ok, not really, but kinda really.
I was walking and tripped...over nothing.
My hands and both knees are not exactly happy with me right now.

The best part?
See the red marks at the top and bottom of the bandage?
Those are from a reaction I had to the Littlest Pet Shop band-aids I wore last night.

So my bloggy friends, what's the point in sharing this you might ask?
Oh, it's just that I'm feeling a wee bit like this today:

Seriously, enough is enough already.
I've had about all that I can take.
And I mean it this time.

I mean, for real, can a girl not catch a break
or at LEAST have a cool story to share after receiving said injuries?
Really anything better than, "I suck at walking" will do.

Regardless, it is kind of funny.
I mean most people have less happen to them in a month than I have in an average day.
Does that make me special?
Ummmmm.....only if by 'special' you mean a walking disaster waiting to strike...or fall, in my case.

So today, in spite of the fact that my knees look horrible, my friend Mandi and I are headed to the beach.
Ok, so maybe it's really the lake here in town, but we will be pretending that it's the beach.
I'm hoping it will do wonders for my grumpiness....and my knee.
I mean, lakes are good for knees...and backs...and tick bites....right?

Happy, fall free Monday to you and you and you.