Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let's Be Honest Here

Sometimes life is hard....
really, really hard.....
kinda like it is right now.

And after the nerve block earlier this week and with the Lyme disease still in full force, I'm hanging by a thread.

Things that are cheering me up during this not so fun phase in my life:

It's been rather chilly this week, which I've been loving seeing as how in about a month I'll be sick o'sweating. And the other day, Rachel, Molly, and I matched. And it was not on purpose.
Too much togetherness is to blame.

In an attempt to help my back, I've been walking...a lot. We're talking three to four miles about four times a week. And the other day we took a detour....through the woods. Think field trip a la nature.
And this was our view. Seriously.

Libby came home from school with this picture earlier this week, and while I love my child to the moon and back, this. cracks. me. up. every time I look at it.

Highlight of the week:

I finally joined the 21st Century and got a cell phone.
I kinda don't know what to do with myself.

And after I went shopping for it, I had a convo. with the Libster that went something like this:

Me: Lib, today I went shopping for something I've really been wanting. Any ideas what it might be????

Lib: A baby from Africa??!!!???

How does she come up with this stuff?

Here's hoping your week has been overflowing with coolness, and please continue to bare with me as I desperately try to show my back who's boss.

Happy early weekend to you and you and you.


  1. Oh you sweet friend! Hang in there. I hope it looks up ASAP!

    Love ya!

    Enjoy that new phone!

  2. Geez McCall! That is all I can say :(
    So glad you got a cell phone...did you get a smart phone? I can't believe you haven't had one all this time. I am actually in shock about that one. Love you tons...ERin


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