Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Truth Is.....

Dearest Momsie Darling,

Let's face it: I haven't always been the easiest kiddo.

Like that time in elementary school when I let that stray cat in our house while you were at work, hid water balloons under my bed and pretended they were fish, tried to ice skate in the bathtub and almost died, or tried to 'cook' (quite unsuccessfully, I might add).... Yeah, sorry about all that.

And then that day in middle school when you came home and I'd taken almost all of the wallpaper off of the walls in my bedroom because I thought it was time for 'something new'....thanks for not just kicking me to the curb right then and there.

And that one night in high school when Jennifer and I had an ice cream cake food fight in the kitchen while you were sleeping-- can we just forget that ever happened?

Anyway Mom, the point is, thank you for loving me despite all the times I gave you mild heartattacks, all the times I made you grit your teeth, and all the times I made you wish for a do-over.

God did a great thing when we put us together.
And in case there's any question, He's totally getting back at me for putting you through three tons of's called Libby.

I love you and hope your Mother's Day is fan-freakin-tastic.


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  1. What about the time you changed your name to Becky???!!! :)


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