Wednesday, May 4, 2011

But No One is Gonna Notice

So, I've been MIA. Like for real. And it was unexpected.
But I'm hoping this is gonna make up for it...or at least be a real good excuse.

So, here's me, aka the girl with the no good, dirty, rotten back:

And on Monday I went to a pain management clinic as directed by my neurosurgeon.
Sidenote: While I was there they did a drug test, which I obviously passed. But seriously-- what a waste of dinero for the girl who's never, ever done drugs.
Moving on....

So the pain clinic doctor has scheduled a nerve block for May 17th.
What's a nerve block, you ask?
Oh, it's the fun little ditty that involves a need going directly into my hurt disc and injecting fun stuff like valium into it. Sounds fun, yes? And if it works, they'll do two more. And then, after all that fun, they'll do what the doctor referred to as a 'nerve burn'. More details on that later, but you can guarantee it's gonna be a good time with a name like 'nerve burn'.

Anyway, to help me make it to the 17th without pulling out my hair one piece at a time, they sent me home with a friend:

Bloggers, meet my box, and please ignore the lent on my shirt. Darn you, black sweater.

This little fella sends electric shock waves into my back to basically distract the muscles and deflect the pain.


Not sure if it works yet; the verdict is still out. But I promise to keep you posted.

Anyway, I don't mind wearing it,
but I did find it quite humorous when the doctor reassured me that 'no one will notice it'.
She was completely serious.

I mean, what's not to notice about a cumbersome box and three feet of chords hanging out of my pocket?

See what you think:

Totally not noticeable?


My thoughts exactly.

And on that note, happy Wednesday to you and you and you.

And come back soon (like tomorrow)...I'll be posting about Libby's kindergarten graduation.
And you're not gonna want to miss it.


  1. I am so sorry, McCall. I hope everything goes well on May 17th. What box??? Happy Wednesday back to you!

  2. I hope you start to feeling better with the help of the box. I hope that it gives SOME kind of relief. :)

    Can't wait to hear about Libby's graduation. :D

  3. HAHA. You look like you are wired up to do undercover FBI work. Can I get an electrical shock box thing to use on certain young adults in my household? Trudy

  4. that is simply the hottest box I've ever seen. really. dang. feel better punkin butt! (and if nothing else - keep that sense of humor - when all else fails, sometimes it's just what you need to get through!!) much love. h

  5. I had to undergo a series of nerve blocks my senior year at the W. I hope that this course of treatment will FINALLY offer you some relief!


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