Friday, November 11, 2011

Like a Baby Seal

Last night this little girl and I took a trip...... the emergency room.

It's one of those universal things that every mom dreads. No one likes the idea of taking her baby to the hospital, because nevermind the shots and needles and restless nights-- a trip to the emergency room means something is really wrong.

For Libby last night, her 'something wrong' can be summed up in three words:

she. couldn't. breathe.

She casually mentioned her throat hurt right at bedtime. You know how that goes-- the girl is FINE, laughing, giggling, playing. And then it's bedtime, and BAM! Something's wrong.
Are we the only house that does this? Please say no.

Anyway, she goes to bed. All seems fine. Four hours later I hear what sounds like a baby seal. I know that sound. It's one that makes my skin crawl. I ran into her room (literally, and almost tripped over the dog in the process). She's coughing, but it sounds more like wheezing. She literally was having trouble drawing a breath.
So, in warp speed, I got dressed and carried my baby to the car while Lee stayed here with Hollyn. All I have to say about this is I haven't ONE TIME picked up or even attempted to pick up Libby in almost a year. The back and I, we don't always see eye-to-eye. In fact, we've invested quite a bit of money in my back in the past year, all for the sake of us being able to play nicely together. But what's a mom to do? Libby could barely breathe, and I was supposed to say, "Sorry, kiddo. Gonna have to walk. Mom has the back of a ninety-year-old." Wasn't gonna happen. However, I'm happy to report that even after carrying her, my back feels t-totally fine today. *Sigh of relief.*

Anyway, after a trip to the ER, a breathing treatment, a shot to help with breathing, some steroids, some antibiotics, some Tylenol to combat her 101 temp, two prescriptions,  and some ice cream, she now feels well enough to sit on the couch and watch Judy Moody.

Does the fun EVER end at our house?

Here's hope your night last night was totally uneventful,
 because to be honest, uneventful sounds really nice right now.

Oh, and a quick reminder:

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Happy weekend-ing to you and you and you.
If you need me, I'll be on the couch with my sick little girl.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I know that must have been scary! Hope she starts feeling better this weekend! I had to take CG to the ER when she was only 13 days old. I had just had a C-section...wasn't supposed to lift anything or drive. Well, that went out the window...I lifted her in the infant seat and drove her to the ER! Thankfully, we were both fine!


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