Monday, September 22, 2014

Joy Comes in the Morning

I know, I know. 
Where have I been, right? 
Well, it's been a long month, both in terms of being busy and have a lot of my mind and heart. 
Fourth grade math homework is about the be the death of us all, 
and some things I'm still processing before sharing them with the world. 

But for today, I have some happy news. 

Friends, meet Amanda. 
She is my kind of people. 
She's a Noonday ambassador as well, and we t-totally bonded this Summer in Rwanda. 
She loves big, dreams big, and wants to serve big. 
And she's recently started a series on her blog to offer weekly encouragement. 
Women encouraging other women. 
And today, she featuring me and my happy happy news that I received this weekend. 

Head on over to her blog, read today's post, and stay a while. 
She's amazing in so many ways, 
and I can't wait to share her with you. 

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