Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Crazy Crazy Crazy

Things have been all kinds of crazy lately. 

Between sickness, 
big fat out of town dental visits, 
worrying about friends and family who are struggling with various things, 
missing my girl terribly, 
trying to establish a back-to-school routine, 
a birthday (more to come on this soon), 
and just life in general, 
it's been all I can do lately to keep my head above water. 

All that to say, 
this too shall pass. 
Jesus said so, 
and I'm believing Him on this one--- 
partly because He hasn't failed me yet,
 and partly because my other option is to pull the covers over my head in bed 
and stay there indefinitely. 
And let's be honest, 
even though that sounds kinda nice, 
who has time for THAT?

More to come on soon on the biggest surprise about adoption so far and Libby turning ten. 
Come back soon, mkay? 

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