Monday, August 11, 2014

Women are women are women {a Noonday Collection giveaway}

Friends, meet Esperanza. 
She couldn't be more beautiful if she tried. 
She's twenty-four and lives at home with her parents and her younger siblings. 
And she works for Noonday

She's gracious and filled with joy and was so happy to welcome us into her home. 

Her mother was so filled with life. 
The first thing she did was ask us all if we know Jesus. 
She wasn't letting us leave until she was sure we all did. 

And her little sisters-- so much hope for things to come.

Esperanza is a girl just like you and me. 
She hopes to find a cute boy to marry one day. 
She dreams of being a mother. 
She wants her own home and a family.

She sounds like every single twenty-four year old I know. 

It's so easy to believe that we are different. 
What could we possibly have in common? 
So many things in our lives show such a stark contrast. 
But really, we're all just women who want to use our gifts, make our parents happy,
 and live the best lives possible. 

Esperanza and our time together was such a beautiful reminder to me that women are women are women. 
And I couldn't possibly love that more.  

I want you to know our artisans. 
I want you to think of them as friends you simply haven't met yet. 
I want you to invite them into your homes via their stories and their products that they've made and are sharing with all of us. 
What a wonderful celebration of women. 

Have YOU checked out the new Noonday line? 
There are so many stories represented there that I can't wait to share with you this season. 

Here are a few of the pieces I can't seem to get enough of: 

 What are YOU loving? 
Do tell. 
And to help spread the Noonday love, I'm partnering up with some of my fellow ambassadors on this season's blog train. 

You can check the post from this morning by Brooke and tomorrow's post by my sweet friend Elizabeth.

So, to help spread the Noonday love and connect us even more with our artisans around the world, how about a little giveaway? 

Happy shopping and story-sharing to you and you and you! 


  1. I love you love of noonday. So thankful you found them. And thank you for sharing it with me

  2. I really like getting to know more about the artisans. Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. Oops. I didn't finish my comment. I love so many of the earrings this year like the calypso and nouveau earrings. Oh and the scattered step necklace too!

  4. I am loving the new, bright Himalayan scarf! Looks perfect for fall... and all other seasons, really!

  5. I love the blue/green bracelet!!

  6. Just ordered some pieces, I think my fave is the sterling circle necklace. Love Noonday!

  7. I am loving the Arabian Nights Bracelet. Very nice. Thanks for sharing Esperanza's story. I feel like I know her through you.

  8. I love the feathered fringe cobalt earrings!

  9. i love the dreamweaver earrings and sofiya wrap bracelet (so pretty!!) thanks for the chance!

  10. My loves this catalog are the Frosted Bib Necklace and the Silver Jasmine Earrings. Gorgeous!

  11. I'm smiling thinking a about Esperanza's mom. :) What a neat lady to meet. thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Oh the new stuff is so great! I love the Dainty paper beads necklace and the Falling Mukisa. And of course the Del Mar necklace and the Anjelica Infinity scarf. Oh and the Statement bracelet!!

  13. I am LOVING the new feathered fringe earrings in cobalt! and, you know, ever.single.other.piece.!

  14. That Kantha bag is my favorite!!!

  15. The new feathered earrings! I wear Annie's all the time so a new pair will be awesome!!

  16. I am loving the Rushing Water Necklace, Moondrop Necklace, Himalayan Scarf, I could go on and on ;-)

  17. I was just at Elizabeth's house telling her how much I LOVE the new line! I am especially in love with the Clustered Charm Necklace and the Kampala Necklace!

  18. I've already ordered three faves....the Rustic Leather Tote, Embellished Raw Silk Scarf, and Pagoda Necklace! Such a GORGEOUS line! Love Noonday's mission!!

  19. I'm loving the entire fall line!

  20. I'm totally loving the Rushing Waters Necklace from the new fall collection!

  21. I am absolutely loving the pieces from Peru. The Andean bag, the Cuzco earrings. They are gorgeous and remind me of my beloved Peru where I lived for 6 months as a missions intern. :)

  22. love love love all of the fall pieces and I know exactly what id use this giftcard for!


  23. love the violet tassels necklace!!

  24. Is it wrong to want the new scattered steps necklace when I have the original?!? A girl can't have to many of those!!

  25. i love, um, everything! especially the dream catcher earrings, and the calypso earrings!

  26. I love to hear the stories of the Noonday artisans, such inspiring women!

  27. I am absolutely loving the Helena Necklace and the Kampala Necklace. Also love the new stacking bracelet color! Violet! Keep the delicate paper beads coming!

  28. I love the Rustic Leather Tote...and pretty much everything else! haha!


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