Monday, August 18, 2014

Turning Pages for Emily

Children belong in families.
That's what we believe.

And our little girl is in Africa still waiting to come home.

Still waiting for a family.

Still waiting.

It's been almost a year since we first saw her face.
We still have a long way to go until she's home.
But, we aren't wasting any time.

There are changes coming to the Congolese adoption process.
And we want to be ready.

These changes could mean any number of things,
including a possible trip to Africa this Fall
and an unexpected timeline in terms of when Emily will come home.

Being a mom to a waiting child is tough.
I want to do EVERYTHING for her, and yet there are so few things I can do.

And while I can't tuck her in or hold her when she's scared or take care of her when she's sick,
I CAN work to raise the rest of the funds we'll need to bring her home.

Unexpected timelines mean unexpected expenses.
Documents expire.
Forms need updating.
You know the drill.

And we still need to raise the funds we'll need to cover our travel expenses
and a little bit of what we'll owe when we pass court.

But don't worry;
we have a plan.

Turning Pages for Emily from McCall Aldridge on Vimeo.

Will YOU join us in turning pages for Emily in September? 

We LOVE the idea of families working together to give our girl a family.

Want to be a part of Emily's story? 

Send us an email at,
 and we'll send you a printable page to record your pledges and the book you read.
Ask your friends, family, and neighbors to sponsor you for each book you read next month.
Choose your books and turn as many pages as you can for Emily!
Our hope is that this will get families reading and talking about adoption.

And at the end of  September,
go to
and make your donation.

It's as simple as that.

Reading's not your thing but still want to help? 

You can choose to sponsor us.
Just pick an amount to donate for every book we read.
We promise to keep you posted on our progress!
You can leave your pledge in the comments on this post or send it to us in an email.
You can also help by sharing this post and our video on your blog, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Don't want to wait to make a difference? 

You can go to any time between now
 and October 10th and make a donation in any amount you choose.
Every penny will be used to bring our girl to her forever home.
And no amount is too small; every dollar is one dollar closer to our girl!

We're praying God will use this fundraiser in a big way.
The minute we're done fundraising is the minute we're sitting on go to bring our girl home.

Adoption is costly,
but God is bigger than all the dollars, no matter how many zeros there are at the end of the number.
And we completely believe that He'll give us what we need to bring Emily home to her family.

Thank you in advance.
Thank you for loving our girl and us so very well.
Thank you for sacrificing for her.
Thank you for sharing your hard-earned dollars with our family.
Thank you for answering God's call to care for the orphans and those in need,
even when that looks like trips to the library and possible paper cuts.



  1. Such a great idea! and maybe I teared up at the video a little... ;)

  2. Your ideas for fundraising are always sooo creative and meaningful! I just love this!!


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