Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Smiling {nine reasons I'm doing it today}

1. Have you seen Taylor Swift's new video? I might have sprayed coffee all over my computer screen this morning while watching it for the fifth third time. Maybe. Possibly. I'll never tell. 

2. I'm missing Rwanda terribly these days. That trip. Those girls. That beautiful place. It was one step away from unicorns, I tell ya. I may or may not be secretly planning to go back and daydreaming daily about the land of a thousand hills. 

3. Have you checked out Dot yet? Keep your eyes on Instagram. Big things are coming. 

4. This book. It was awesome. If you love dystopian young adult fiction (which I do. And I feel no shame about it. ), then I highly recommend it. 

5. The She Reads Truth ap. Have you downloaded it yet? It's free, you know. And their study on justice? Can't possibly say enough good things about it. 

6. The hubs. It's almost his birthday. I can't believe he's about to be twenty-seven....again. 

7. These friends-- there's a visit being planned. Get excited. We sure are. 

8. Today is Stitch Fix day! Let's hope this fix is packing something fierce. 

9. Have you heard about our big plans for September? 
Looks like we'll be burying our faces in books for days....literally. 

What's making you smile these days? 
Do tell. 

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