Friday, February 7, 2014

Today's Show is Brought to You by the Number TWO.

It happened. 
My girl turned Africa. 

She turned two in an orphanage. 
And I cried. 

Several people asked me what it felt like to have my girl celebrate her birthday half way around the world without me.

Well, it felt just like it would if I was going to miss Libby or Hollyn's birthday...except worse....
because I can't just make up her birthday or celebrate it early like I could if I were going to have to miss one my girls' birthdays. 

It was hard. 
But it was also good. 

We celebrated her life with cookies and happy thoughts of when she's home. 

And we're getting ready to send our first package to her next month. 
This package will include her first pictures of our family. 
I'm nervous and anxious and excited all rolled into one. 

And in case you missed the big news, 
She sold over 150 bracelets in five days and raised over $1000 to help bring her sister HOME!
Thank you again to everyone who supported her. 
To say you made her day is truly an understatement. 

And just a reminder, MONDAY is the LAST DAY EVER to order one of our adoption shirts. 
They'd make great Easter happies! 
Go here to place  your order. 

Here's hoping your weekend is filled with snow flurries, hot chocolate, warm jammers, and good books. 

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