Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Emily, Day 1

Our newest addition, Emily, turns two this Africa. 
There are so many things that run through my head when I think about this. 
It would be so easy to be sad and let this wreck me. 
BUT, I'm choosing joy....and Libby is helping me. 

First, let me say that this was her idea. 
She's a creative one, that girl of mine. 

She had a huge part in every piece of this project. 
And she wants to help bring her sister home. 

Her goal?
She wants to sell 100 bracelets in the five days that lead up to her sister's birthday. 

With the help of her cousins, she made each and every one of these. 

And she is so proud of them. 

And she hopes to sell them all.....this week. 

That's a lot of selling, folks. 

The girl is dedicated. 

Each day for the next five days, Libby will read a letter she has written to her sister, Emily. 
Melt my heart and pass the Kleenex. 

Letter one: 

If you'd like to help Libby reach her goal, head on over to 
You can select your color or choose to be surprised. 
Each bracelet is a minimum donation of $10.00 and comes with free shipping. 
Each bracelet is one step closer to bringing our girl HOME. 
Or, if you'd prefer, you can make a donation in any amount through the paypal link on my sidebar. 

And while you're there, feel free to place a t-shirt order!
We'll only be ordering one more batch of shirts.

$1000 in five days. 
One less orphan. 
Three forever sisters. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and come back tomorrow to hear letter #2! 

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