Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Birthday, Emily (Day 3)

Red, grey, brown, blue, pink....which one are you loving? 
Libby loves them all and is over the moon excited about her sister's second birthday. 

Have YOU ordered one of Libby's bracelets yet? 
She's on a mission to raise $1000 by February 5th to help bring her little sister home from Africa. 

And she's jumping for joy over each sale...literally. 

And today's letter? 
I cried filming it. 
I cried previewing it. 
I cried watching it. 
And I'm crying now. 

Adoption is hard. 
It comes with loads of hurt and heartache. 

But God? 
God is good. 
And He makes all things new, even families. 

So thankful that adoption is teaching our kiddos to be thankful for the blessing of family and to realize that not everyone has one of those....and that's never ever going to be okay. 


Only seven more days to order one of our super soft adoption shirts. 
You can place your order here

Two more days. 
Two more letters. 
One step closer to our girl. 

Thank you thank you thank you.
High fives and bear hugs for everyone. 

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