Thursday, July 25, 2013

Don't Say No

Did you know that at one point very early on in our adoption process 
(like two years ago when we were still just getting used to this idea and starting to talk about it), 
we said no. 

The $30,000 price tag seemed impossible and very overwhelming. 

Thankfully, God doesn't care about a number,
 and He worked over and over and over again to reveal His call for our family to grow through adoption. 

This happens a lot. 
People are called. 
They know God has placed adoption on their hearts, and yet they say no. 
It's too scary. 
It's takes too long. 
It's too hard. 
It's too expensive. 

But what if in saying NO, we are missing out on one of the biggest blessings God has in store for us? 
What if instead of saying no, all of these people said YES? 

Today I'd like you to take a minute to watch my dear friend Wynne's story. 
She's the girl who introduced me to Noonday and who stirred my heart even more for adoption as I followed her adoption story. 
She also may be the only person I know who loves Africa more than I do...maybe.

Her story is beautiful. 
God is good. 
And His love for us is nothing short of overwhelming. 


  1. you are amazing! thank you for sharing and I'm so glad we can be a part of this bigger story together!!! can't wait to see the pictures of the day you meet EMILY!!!! hold on sister, your time is near! love you!

  2. McCall, I am so sorry I am just now ordering a shirt, and I totally missed your adoption giveaway a few weeks ago! Ahhh! We have just been crazy this summer! I am so happy for ya'll and your adoption journey to your sweet Emily! :)


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