Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Grow Your Blog Giveaway: The Inside Scoop

First of all, I simply cannot say THANK YOU 
enough to every single person who donated and shared about the Grow Your Blog Giveaway. 
It exceeded my every expectation and my every hope. 

The number one thing I will take away from last week? 
There are some amazing people out there. 

It makes me wish our world was smaller. 
There are so many amazing women out there that I wish were my friends and neighbors. 
So many awesome, inspiring stories I'd love to hear over cups of coffee on my back patio. 
So many people who already love my girl. 

And for the sake of being transparent (and for the several of you who asked),
 let's talk for a minute about the details of this giveaway. 

I have been thinking about our adoption and planning out ways to raise funds for about two years now. 
Doing research, reading blogs, asking others. 
To clarify, I am a planner. I love making lists. I love schedules. 
And of all the things I'd planned out for our adoption, this was not one of them. 

This idea came to me on the couch last month...watching 'New Girl' reruns on Netflix...looking at Instagram on my phone....thinking about how if only MY blog were bigger I could maybe sell some more t-shirts (which you can order here, btw. This mama ain't too proud to beg.). 
And then it just came to me, the idea that others out there want to grow their blogs as well.
 So, I made a little list (it's what I do best...seriously. I make a mean list.) of a few of my favorite bloggers. This part was easy, as these are bloggers I've loved for a long time...I may even sometimes forget that I don't know them in real life. After I had my list, I hopped on the computer, quickly found their e-mail addresses, and sent them a message telling them what I was hoping to do 
and asking if they'd be willing to donate ad. space. 

The funny part? 

They all said yes...some within the first thirty minutes.

And I cried. 

Then I headed over to Etsy to see if I could round up a few additional prizes. 

They all said yes too. 

Moral of the story: DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK!

 You just never know!
 And what's the worst that could happen? 
They'll say no or won't respond. 
If I had a penny for every time I've been told NO in my life, 
well, let's just say I wouldn't be so worried about selling t-shirts to bring Emily home. 
And my girl is worth putting myself out there and stretching my comfort zone.

After that, the rest was easy, I simply headed over to picmonkey and made some images for Instagram (this is because my phone is one step away from being considered museum worthy and officially labeled an antique. Those of you with newer phones could skip this step.).

I created this one for Pinterest: 

And these (plus two more, but you get the idea) for Instagram, facebook, and Twitter: 

After that, all I really did was share on social media. 
I will say that I am so very thankful for Twitter, and facebook, and Instagram, and Pinterest, and the amazing Blog world, and so in awe of people who fundraised pre-social media. 

Not only did I help raise some much needed funds to bring my girl home, but I have 'met' some of the most WONDERFUL people this past week!

And I cried some more. 

I am so humbled by all of the people I don't know who donated for Emily. 
I am even more humbled by the people who are ALSO currently fundraising to bring their own kiddos home. 

You donated and shared and donated and shared, 
and we are now
closer to having our girl HOME with us!  

$1200 in one week from people I don't know, people I may never know. 
My heart is humbled; my God is good. 

And now I'm off to e-mail miss Stephanie Clark and tell her just how very happy I am for her! 


  1. Soo awesome. But for the record... You know me in real life!!

  2. Congrats to Stephanie and to you, McCall! I am one (of many) who discovered your blog and fundraiser through social media, and am so happy to have been apart.
    because of Him,

  3. Yay Yay Yay! I am so excited. I feel like I've won the lottery. Now I'm going to have to up my game a little on the ol blog ;) Can't wait to hear from you and all these lovely people! just wow.
    Not to mention 1200 is amazing! Congrats on being one step closer!


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