Friday, March 22, 2013

And Then I Cried

I miss Africa. 
There I said it. 

I miss it so much sometimes that it literally makes my stomach hurt. 

And this week, some of the people from the Noonday home office are in Uganda meeting with and working with our artisans there. 

And yesterday, when they shared this photo with the ambassadors, I cried. 

See that girl to the far left? 
That's me. 

Travis was telling our artisans in Uganda how their lives have made an impact on our lives. 

This couldn't be more true. 
I pray for them, I talk about them, I think about them, and I tell everyone I can about them. 

And while I love the pretty products they make, I love them so much more. 
They matter to Jesus. I love Jesus. Therefore, they matter to me too. 

So I guess you could say that I was kind of sort of in Uganda least from the waist up...
What are the chances that this will help make me less 'homesick' for Africa in the next few weeks? 
Slim to none? 
My thoughts exactly. 

*Thanks, Noonday home office, for sharing the first two pictures in this post with the ambassadors. They have truly spoken to this little heart of mine.*

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