Monday, December 17, 2012

Subway: A Compound Word

Libby:  "Mom, do you wanna hear a compound word?" 

Me: "Sure, Lib."

Libby: :"Subway, as in my mom is a SUB. in fifth grade, and there is no WAY she'll ever do it again." 

Oh, my stars. 

When I told you I've been crazy busy lately, I so wasn't kidding. 
The rumors are true-- I took a sixteen day substitute position in a fifth grade language arts class at Libby's school. 

Of course, since I wasn't planning on working full time this month, I also committed to several other things. 

I also had lots of Noonday parties (which I am LOVING. Seriously, I thank God every night for introducing me to this way to be a voice for others.). 

 And did I mention I haven't had a voice in almost a week? 
I have some sort of upper respiratory something or another that has left me in whispers. 

All that and fifth grade. 

Which while Libby did exaggerate some in her compound word sentence, there is also some truth to it. 
I don't love being sub. 

There, I said it. 

My favorite thing about teaching was the relationships I formed with my students. I invested in them and grew to know and love them. And with subbing, it's just not the same. 
So, while I have tried to pour myself into these kiddos, they know I'm only there short term, I know I'm only there short term, and things simply aren't the same. 

But, I can't help but think that God led me to the classroom during this particular time for a reason. 
In light of Friday's events, being back in the classroom right now, even if only for three short weeks, gave me a new perspective to the tragedy that has rocked our nation. 

But even still, it's not about me, and I certainly have not forgotten that. 

So, with that in mind, I have several good posts coming soon that you won't want to miss. 
I've also extended last week's giveaway until THIS FRIDAY, so you can still enter. 

I, however, am going to snuggle on the couch with two girls I love. 

*** The picture in this post is one of my all-time favorite pictures of Libby. It was taken when she was Hollyn's age, even though it seems like it was just last week.***

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