Sunday, May 6, 2012

Recital Recap, a WINNER, and some New Digs

First things first, you may notice things are looking different around here. My new blog design is up and running, and I LOVE IT! Lauren at did the most amazing job and was so wonderful to work with! My favorite part? The proceeds from my design will be used to help fund her adoption from Africa. Love when getting what we need or what also serves to give to another!

You may also notice that among the social media icons to the left, there is now a facebook icon. I figured it I was going to go all out and change my name and what not, that a facebook page was the next logical step. You can now find Lee, Me, and the Girls: FINDING OUR WAY on facebook

In other news, we have a winner from last week's giveaway. 
Congrats to you, DANA! You won! I'll get your book to you shortly. :) 

And NOW, this weekend was the highly anticipated dance recital, 
and my girl was excited. 

If you're thinking that's a lot of make-up for one little girl, I agree. 
But, dance recital is her thing. She decides how I do her hair and how much make-up she wears. I like to think of it as my gift to her, seeing as how most days I do her hair and the girl certainly doesn't get to wear make-up. 

Two things I want to point out: 

1. I can do magic things with a curling iron. 

And .....

2. Hollyn was highly upset that she didn't get to dance on the stage. 

Libby did a great job and truly enjoyed shaking her stuff for all to see.  The girl has some serious moves. 

I, on the other hand, had a great time watching and being a proud mom but am thankful dance recital only comes once a year. 

Here's hoping your weekend was filled with lazy afternoons.
 Other than recital-ing, mine has been filled with craving things I can't eat.
 Thanks a lot, Whole 30. 

Oh, and a BIG thanks to all who have said they want to buy a t-shirt to help fund our trip to Uganda! I should have some in my hands in the next few days, and I promise to post about them and set up my Paypal link just as soon possible. 


  1. so glad you love the new look!! your girls are too cute!!

  2. Your blog looks amazing!! Love it!!

  3. Love the new name, the new's all wonderful! And I especially love that I WON THE GIVE-AWAY! Can't wait to start reading!!!

  4. Love the new look!


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