Thursday, May 10, 2012

52 Days and Counting

In fifty-two days, we will be headed to Uganda. 
In fifty-two days, my heart will be preparing to stretch like it never has before. 
In fifty-two days, I will say good-bye to my girls for what will be our longest time apart since they were born. 
In fifty-two days, I will cry. 
In fifty-two days, I will spend a LLLLLOOOOONNNGGGG time on an airplane. 
In fifty-two days I will be bursting to talk to someone about Jesus...even if it has to be translated. 
In fifty-two days, I will be stepping out in faith. 
In fifty-two days, my world will change. 

And I simply cannot wait. 

Speaking of which, I got an early Mother's Day present this week to the tune of two plane tickets to Africa. Honey went all out this year, apparently. 
Pretty sure our credit card was in shock and that we spent almost as much on these tickets as we did when we bought my car. 

Here's hoping your week has been wonderful and filled with happy thoughts. This time next week, I will be in the middle of giving exams, which means I have only have four more full days of school with students until the end of this school year. 
Crazy, crazy, crazy. 

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  1. McCall! I've been meaning to write this since Kristen told me y'all were trying to work out this trip for this summer. I'm so excited for you! I'd love to talk about Uganda with you before or/and after you go! It's a place that'll stick in your heart.


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