Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day: What I'm LOVIN'

Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies!

There are so many things I am lovin' on this Hallmark holiday.
Here are just a few:

1. I am LOVING that I am FINALLY going to get to see my best friend this weekend!
Libby and I will be making the trip to the coast of Alabama to see our best  of best friends....but don't tell Libby-- it's a surprise!

2. THIS POST by one of my fav. bloggers about her fav. beauty products...always looking for something new to try, you know?

3. I may or may not be addicted to these.......

4. Spring break starts threeweeks from Friday. That alone is reason to celebrate!

5. The Vow is officially playing, and even though I won't be seeing until later this month when my mom and I celebrate her birthday, I. am. pumped. about it. Who's with me on this?

6. This guy and his God lovin' ways. Seriously, he is easily one of the coolest, most talented kiddos ever. But hold onto your hearts ladies. For real, don't say I didn't warn you; the girl that ends up with this one will be one lucky lady. He's just that awesome.

7. I'm getting better at this cake ball business. Check out this batch I made for some of the girls this past weekend at Disciple Now:

8. This movie. If you haven't seen it, run; don't walk.

9. I am LOVING this homemade Valentine from my precious friend, Emily.
Emily, you rock my socks.

10. Have you entered my 31 giveaway yet? No? Well, I am LOVING the goodies Ashley sent me as a thank you.

Pretty sure I could fit my whole life in this bag, and that makes me some kinda happy.

And please check out this cuteness:

Thank you again, Ashley!

11. And finally, I am loving how this little girl wants her picture taken when ever she sees Libby posin' for the camera.

Happy Valentine's to you and you and you! Here's hoping you feel loved today from the tip of your nose to the tip of your toes.

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