Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oreo Suckers, OH MY!

For Valentine's Day this year, I wanted something different for Libby to give to her friends at school.
After going back and forth between cake pops and oreo suckers, I got 'suckered' in, sotospeak.

Here's what I came up with:

First, this is what I used:

-oreos (unbroken-- pick the sturdiest looking ones you can find. This will make your life (ok, so maybe just this project) easier.)
-sucker sticks (you can get these at any craft store. I always have some stuffed in my craft closet.)
-a block of melting chocolate (I used white, but you can feel free to choose whatever you like.)
-cake icing (any flavor will do, and you will only need a tiny bit)
-sprinkles (completely optional, but way cuter)

First, use all the skill you possess and separate the oreos. I suggest doing a few more than you need now, that way when some break later in the process, you won't be as grumpy.

Once you've separated them, put a little bit of cake icing on the clean side.

You're then going to use the cake icing as glue for your sucker stick.

Then, ever so gently, reassemble your oreo.
Tip: if you press too hard on the oreo sides, one of them will break. Save yourself the frustration, and ditch (or eat) this one now. You can't save it and use it anyway; I speak from experience.

Once all of your suckers are assembled, melt your chocolate according to the package instructions. I melted half of my big block, made about dozen oreo suckers, and still had some to spare.

One it's melted, carefully dip the top half of the oreos into the chocolate. Tip: try to go as easy on the chocolate as you can here. If you put too much, it will weigh down your sucker and the oreo will slide down the stick while it's supposed to be cooling. Sneaky little buggars, those oreos.

As soon as you remove the oreos from the chocolate, add your sprinkles if you've chosen to use them.

You'll need to find somewhere to let your suckers cool and get firm. I have this nifty little stand, but you can just as easily use some Styrofoam or even lay them flat on wax paper.

Since these were for Libby's friends for Valentine's Day, I then took a page of this scrapbook paper and made cards for her to use.

Once the suckers were cool, I bagged them up, added a tag, and voila.

I'll admit this was not the easiest project I've ever done. HOWEVER, I think I've given you all of the tips I wish I'd had and will certainly use next time. Also, my frustration probably came from the fact that I was grumpy when I started and tend to be a perfectionist when making goodies for my kiddos. You know, because clearly Libby's friends are all overly concerned with whether or not the chocolate dried in just the perfect way. Inner struggles, friends; we all have 'em.

Before you go, have you entered my 31 giveaway? You have until tomorrow evening to do so...

Here's hoping that your Wednesday was wonderful and that your oreos are cooperative.

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  1. Oh my yummmm! I tried to make oreo cake balls, but they were a tremendous fail! I am hosting my first link party today and would love for you to link this up, along with anything else you like!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real


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