Friday, July 16, 2010

Seeing Pink

So, in case day-to-day life at home battling the heat with two babies isn't enough fun for all, H decided to spice things up a getting pink eye. It started out in one eye and then jumped on over to say hello to the other.

And in case that wasn't enough, she can always count on her big sis. to make sure there is never a dull moment....because how on earth would we manage even a moment without drama of some sort? Some days I can't even remember what that's like.

Poor little pinkie can't catch a break.

Here's hopin' the pink eye hits the road STAT-- we're hoping to head out of town in a few days, but no one wants a crusty-eyed baby sleeping in their guest room.

Happy weekend to all! Hope you see much less pink at your house than we do at ours.


  1. Poor thing! hope she feels better soon!

  2. Aww, yuck! I hope she gets better quickly. Love that hair-do :)

  3. Love the new do! Trudy

  4. Your poor baby! I hope the pink eye goes away soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following!

  5. I love the look on Hollyn's face! It's like she just said, "Oh well, what can ya do?". :-)


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