Thursday, April 22, 2010

Going home again

So, anyone who really knows me knows how much I adore my college. I truly believe that MUW is exactly what God hand in mind for me in the college department. To say that I cherish every moment I spent there is almost an understatement; I truly could not have dreamed up a better college experience, filled with great friends and wonderful memories.
However, I don't just adore it because I spent five FABULOUS years there but also because it's home to me. You see, I moved in high school...twice. My parents obviously don't live in the house I grew up in and neither does my grandmother. My aunt and uncle have moved and so have all of my childhood friends. So to me, the W is home.
This past weekend I took the trip to Columbus, and despite the overwhelming heat and somewhat fussy pre-sick baby, I had a great day. I had a good visit with the Silhouettes, whom I absolutely adore. To this day, I don't know how I was fortunate enough to be one of the fourteen girls they noticed and liked enough to want to call their own the year I went through rush, but I am eternally thankful for whatever it was I did to catch their attention. To this day, all but one of my nearest and dearest friends was first my Sillie sister. I mean- seriously- can you blame me for loving my club so much? Look at how stinkin' adorable these girls are---

Cute, right? How could I possibly be anything but proud?

Even Hollyn was excited to be there, and I must say that I think (despite being partial), that she was the highlight of homecoming.
However, giving her a run for her money was getting to spend time with Rebecca. She was first my friend, then became my Silhouette little sister, and is now truly one of my all-time favorite people I have ever known.

Although campus has a few new buildings, a few less trees, and a fresh coat of paint, the one thing that IS the same is the warm, fuzzy, generally comfortable feeling I get when I visit. Although I agree with whomever it was that said you can't go home again, this is a really close second for me.

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  1. Such a sweet post! Both of them McCall...I am glad you were able to go "home" again this past weekend. I am really thankful that I can keep up with you and your thoughts. I think it is making us that silly! Love you.


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