Saturday, May 10, 2014

That Daughter We Share

Dear Emily's Mother,

Thank you. Thank you for loving our little girl. Thank you for doing the best you could. I think of you every day, and I am overly aware of the fact that without you there is no her.

 I wish we could be friends. I wish I could hold your hand and comfort you. Although I know very little about your life, I do know that life is hard for everyone in Congo, especially the women. I wish I could know you-- your likes and dislikes, gifts and fears. I'd love to know about your family and about your life as a little girl. I'd love to know about when you were pregnant with Emily-- was she crazy active like Libby or totally mellow like Hollyn or somewhere in between? Were you alone when she was born? I so hope you weren't. I hope someone was with you-- taking care of you and encouraging and comforting you.

I hope she remembers you. I hope she has even one moment with you buried deep in her heart that she can hold onto forever. I hope she remembers how you smell and the sound of your voice. I pray she can see your smile when she closes her little brown eyes. Did she get her dimples from you? She has the most adorable dimples, and her smile stops me dead in my tracks. She is so very beautiful, that daughter we share.

Thank you for being brave. I can't imagine the kind of brave you must be. There have been many nights where I've cried for Emily-- missing her, longing for her, worrying about her. But I want you to know that there have been just as many nights when I have cried for you. I hope you are safe. I hope you are cared for. I hope you aren't alone. Most of all, I hope someone has told you about Jesus. I pray that you know Him and the peace that comes from a relationship with Him.

And more than anything else, I want you to know that I love our daughter, and I can only believe that you love her too. What a blessed little girl to have two mothers who each love her enough to do hard things for her. And oh, do I love her. No matter what happens, I will never, ever stop being grateful for the gift of being Emily's mother. And I will never stop being grateful for you.

Praying for you always,


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