Friday, May 30, 2014

Stitch Fix May: My First Fix

I finally scheduled my first fix
By FINALLY, I mean that I first signed up last spring (almost a year ago. Procrastinators, unite.).
 I just kept putting it off because I didn't feel right committing to it in the midst of adoption fundraising.
And while we are still knee deep in fundraising, my sweet mama gifted me with a Stitch Fix gift card for Easter/Mother's Day (Insert squeals and jumps for joy here. Can you Say BEST GIFT EVER? I can.).

First, what is Stitch Fix
Well, if you aren't familiar with it, Stitch Fix is a site that pairs you with  your own personal stylist. 
You schedule a box to come to your door, insert your style likes and dislikes, and wait patiently (or not so patiently if you're like me) for your first five items to arrive at your door. 
There is a $20 styling fee, but if you keep even one item, that $20 is applied to your total.
Don't like anything? No problem. Just send all five items back in the prepaid envelope. 
Love it all? Keep it and take 25% off of your total. 

With that being said, I give you my first fix. 

Item #1: Pomelo brand Rowson Striped Shift Dress {$68}

I love everything about this dress. 
It's made so well and feels like something I'd get at the GAP or J. Crew. 
It fits like a dream-- seriously, if I could buy three more of this dress in different colors, I would. 
I am absolutely keeping this one. 

Item #2: 41Hawthorn brand Ivy Tulip Print Tab Sleeve Blouse {$68}

This is apparently a really popular Stitch Fix piece, seeing as how when you Google it it's everywhere. 
However, I can totally see why. 
This is actually the kind of top I was hoping I'd get in my first fix. 
Love the cut. 
Love how it's a little longer (a style I so prefer since having babies). 
The color is great, and this is my favorite sleeve length. 
I will say that this is more than I'd ever pay for this top in a store. 
Not that I think it's overpriced; I'd 100% expect to see that price in a boutique. 
I'm just more budgeted than this top would normally allow for. 
However, seeing as how I have credit, I'm keeping this one. 

Item #3: Pomelo brand Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse {$58}

Isn't this one cute? 
Love the stud details. 
I can honestly say that this top felt really flattering on. 
I came THIS close to keeping it. 
However, once I stepped into the sun, Lee confirmed that it was a tad too sheer for my liking. 
It's nothing something I would have normally tried on, which is the joy of Stitch Fix. I LOVE the idea of trying on something NEW and different and a step out of my comfort zone. 

Item #4: THML brand Gloria Colorblock and Abstract Print Hi-Lo Tank {$48}

Love the hi-lo aspect of this one. 
Love the colors. 
Love the print. 
NOT a fan of sleeveless. 
This is going back, but I'm hoping to get something similar with sleeves in my next fix. 

Item #5: Kut from the Kloth brand Tivola Wide Leg Chambray Pants {$78}

Love these-- in theory. 
I'm always on the hunt for pants I love, seeing as how I'm super short,
 which tends to complicate shopping quite a bit. 
However, the draw string wasn't doing anything for me, the loose fit wasn't my favorite, and they were about two feet too long.  They were also a little pricey for my liking. The good news is, you review each item during checkout and can voice your opinion on price, fit, etc., so hopefully this problem will be avoided in the future.
Better luck next time. 


I love this concept. 
I love getting clothes sent to my home where I can try them on with the shoes, pants, etc. that I'd actually wear them with in the comfort of my bedroom without having to wrangle two kids amid terrible dressing room lighting. I'm not rushed and can really take my time to decide what I like and don't like. 
I love getting mail, especially mail that is as cute as this. 
I will MOST CERTAINLY do this again.
In fact, my next box is scheduled to arrive June 18. 

Wanna join in on the fun? 
I'd love to refer you. 
Simply follow this link to sign up. 
And let me know if you have any questions. 
I'll be watching the comments and will answer any questions there in case others have the same thoughts or concerns. 

And, just for the record, the photos in this post were all taken by Libby. 
I'll ignore talking about how awkward I felt and focus instead on what a good job she did as a nine year old photographer. 

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