Monday, May 3, 2010

Hats off to the grad.

Lib' s big weekend came and went. Pictures were taken; songs were song; Bible verses were receited-- flawlessly, I might add. Lib's verse was, "Thou God seest me" Genesis 16:13. How appropriate. God does see you, little one. He sees you when you listen and when mommy has to ask you fifteen times to pick up your beads. He sees you when you secretly pinch your sister when I leave the room and when you then say, "she hit herself" when I ask what happened. He sees when you promise you brushed your teeth and when you instead ran the water for five minutes while brushing your hair instead.
However, He also sees you learning to read new words every day. He sees how you would gladly give Hollyn anything you own. He sees how you are truly a comforter and friend to everyone you meet. He sees how eager you are to learn and help and how much you love your friends and your family. He does see you, baby girl.
If you've never been part of a pre-school graduation, you are missing out, dear friends. I can count on one hand the number of times when I've seen this little girl with her "I am so proud of myself" look on her little face.

You're missing out on seeing little girls morph into pre-teenagers overnight who suddenly say things like, "Mom, you've gotta take a picture of me and my girl friends".

You're missing out on seeing the miraculous site that is twenty-two five-year-olds all standing relatively still and attempting to do the same thing for a whole hour.

We were all so proud of Libby Saturday, even our newest addition.

And as I near the end of my sixth year of teaching, I am thankful and inspired by teachers like Ms. Michelle. She's the kind of woman who has infinite patience, an abundance of smiles and encouraging words, and a way of telling you no that makes you feel good about yourself and want to do better. God gifts us all gifts, and I realize we should be happy with our own gifts and not waste time wishing we had the gifts of another, but sometimes I can't help myself. She has several gifts I'd secretly like to steal....heck, some days I'd settle for just borrowing them for a while with the promise to return soon.

I am so proud of my little one that I could just spit. Ok, not really; no one likes a spitter, and that's a silly expression. How about smile? That seems much more appropriate at a time such as this.

p.s.) Lib has decided after this weather eventful weekend that she wants to be a weather girl when she grows up because she wants to be famous. I'm not so sure I like this idea. Oh, the weather part is fine, but if she's famous that will mean I'll have to share her with the rest of the world......and I'm not so sure I want her to be for anyone but me.

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