Friday, December 18, 2009

Libby's love letter

Hi everyone. Hope you are getting all your last minute shopping done. I just wanted to share yet another funny Libby story with you. Meet Brandon. He's one of my favorite kiddos ever. He's really more like a little brother/bff than a kid who once served as my first period helper. Anyway, Libby is in love.....with Brandon. Did I mention he's in college, and she's five? Needless to say, Lee is not so thrilled about this idea. However, a few weeks ago, Libby wrote this 'love letter' to Brando. I knew we were in trouble when she asked me how to spell the word 'wedding'. In case you can't tell, the stick figure to the left is him, and the one to the right is a veil and wedding gown. Notice how she drew a 5 beside her to remind him of how old she is, I guess just in case he forgot. :)

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