Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2017: Resolutions and My Word for the Year

So clearly I'm a little late to the game, 
but seeing as how it's still technically January and still early in the year, 
I've spent some time thinking about what I want from this year. 

The past three years of my life can be summed up in one little word: 

If I wasn't crying or praying or filling out paperwork then I was fundraising or planning or traveling to Africa. 

The aftermath of that? 
Well, who am I now?
What do I want to do next? 
How can I work towards something that will be as meaningful as that was? 

We don't feel called to adopt again, at least not any time soon. 
And while I would love to buy a one way ticket to the land I love, 
we aren't there yet either. 
And while there is a little something on the horizon (more details to come soon), 
WHAT'S NEXT is still a work in progress. 

Here's what I do know: 

I want this year to matter. 

Adoption (while totally worth it because EVIE) was hard and consuming. 
There are things I pushed aside while spending all that time filling out forms, 
and this year I am playing catch up, which leads me to my word for the year: 


I want to invest more in my family. 

I want to invest more in my body.
(You try being paper pregnant for three years and let me now how well your jeans fit.)

I want to invest more in my friends. 

I want to invest more in my marriage. 

Here are some others things I'm dreaming about for 2017: 

-More reading time and less TV time. 
-More recognizing birthdays and important events in the lives of people I love. 
-More date nights. (Can  I get an AMEN?)
-More time in the Word. 
-More prayer time spent listening and less time spent talking. 
-More intentional memory making for our family. 

What are YOU resolving to do in 2017? 
Do tell. 

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