Friday, January 30, 2015

Twenty months, some thoughts, and getting back to the beginning.

We are now officially twenty months into this adoption process, 
although it feels like so much longer 
since we spent close to two years reading and researching and praying before we officially started. 

As I look back on this time spent waiting, it's easy to see the peeks and valleys. 
There have definitely been some valleys on this journey.
 Last Fall (Fall of 2014) can basically be summed up by saying 'adoption is hard'.
 My heart was so broken for my girl, her mother, and the miles that separated us. 
I selfishly wanted her home, but more than that, I wanted this little girl to have a family. 

And now, twenty months later, we're still waiting, but I have a newly restored hope. 
God has used this process to teach me and mold me and move in my heart more than I ever imagined, and no part of me doubts that HE WILL BRING EMILY HOME TO US. 

We still have absolutely no idea when that may happen and still have some very important steps in the process that we are yet to complete, but I may or may not have just washed everything from my trip and repacked it in my suitcase. 
I am literally packed and ready to go get my girl.
 A little premature? Probably. 
Preparing for rain? Definitely. 

I don't want to wait even one minute longer than I have to to bring her home.

And once again, for I pray is the last time, I need your help. 
We are estimating that we still need about $10,000 to bring her home. 
I say estimating because the longer it takes, the more it will cost. 
Home studies, fingerprints, and government forms expire and are renewed with a fee. 
We also are paying monthly foster care fees for our sweet girl. 
And then we'll have to travel. 

So, we are going back to the beginning. 
Our first (and most successful) fundraiser was selling t-shirts. 
You may remember them. 
You may have one. 
But, I'm crossing my fingers that you may need another. 

So, I give you these little beauties: 

Your grace abounds in deepest waters. 
This promise is so dear to my heart. 
I cling to it. 
And I find so much hope in it. 
These shirts were designed by sweet, talented, beautiful friend Monique. 
You can find more of her work here.

You may be familiar with this song, but in case you're not, my precious, crazy-talented, oh so silly, former student turned grown-up friend, Meredith,  recorded her own version for me to share with you: 

Ten thousand dollars is a lot of money. 
But God is not intimidated by those zeroes. 
And we shouldn't be either. 
My happy thought these days consists of a group of smiling faces waiting for us at the airport, wearing these shirts, welcoming Emily home. 
That will no doubt be my happiest of happy days. 

Next Thursday, February 5th, my little girl will turn three.
And although I'm sure to spend that day crying and stuffing my face with all the M&M's,
we will still be celebrating our girl and another year of her life.
And I'm hoping you'd like to join me in celebrating.
So, in honor of Emily, I'd like to sell THREE HUNDRED SHIRTS by her birthday. 
That's 300 shirts in seven days.
That's over forty shirts a day.
And about two shirts per hour.
It's a big goal, I know.
But God has taught me to not fear big goals.
It won't be all that we need to meet our long term goal,
but it will certainly be a big step closer.

So, who's ready to help bring our girl home?
You can purchase your shirts HERE

Have questions about sizing or colors or anything else? 
Ask them in the comments and check back soon for a response.
And please feel free to share, share, share about them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your blog, or anywhere else.  

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for helping to bring our girl home to us. 
Nothing makes me feel more loved than when people love my children and follow God's call to take care of our neighbors, even when our neighbors live half way around the world. 
Adoption takes a village, 
and I am so glad you are a part of mine.

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