Tuesday, July 29, 2014

These Girls.

These girls. 
Oh, how I love them. 

I'll admit that when I first heard there would be twenty-four of us headed to Rwanda together,
 I was a little skeptical. 
That's a lot of girls, a lot of personalities, a lot of luggage, a lot of bathroom stops, a lot of everything. 

And yet, it was wonderful. 
THEY were wonderful. 
I saw so much goodness in each of them. 
They were such an awesome display of what it looks like to truly give of ourselves for others. 

These are mamas and wives and friends and rockstars 
who all want others to know about the needs in this world. 
They all long for justice and equality and opportunities for men and women everywhere. 
They are women on a mission, 
and I feel so very blessed to have been included in this group of women with purpose. 

Time with them was truly a gift. 
It was good for my heart and refreshed my soul. 
And now, I'm left missing them terribly and longing for more time with each of them. 

These girls. 
The world needs more of them. 

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