Sunday, June 10, 2012

Questions People Ask

We leave for Uganda in twenty-one days. That sounds so far away and yet so close all at the same time. 
And while I have been completely amazed at the ways God keeps affirming that this is HIS plan for us right now, I am totally overwhelmed (in a good way) about the ways my life will change in less than a month. I am confident that I will not be the same person when I come home; my heart will be changed permanently. How could it not be? You can't experience something like that and NOT be changed. 

And as we continue to prepare to leave, we continue to get asked questions. 
Let's talk about some of these, shall we? 

1. Where is Uganda? 

It's in Africa. Just kidding. But it IS in Africa. It's also on the Equator line. In fact, the Equator runs through the capital of Uganda, Kampala, which is where we will be staying. Yes, that does in fact mean that it will be very, very hot. It will likely also be rainy, as the rainy season starts shortly before we are scheduled to arrive. This means there will also be lots of mosquitoes. Joy. 

2. I hear there are lots of safaris in Uganda. 
Will you be going on one? 

We are in no way anti-safari. However, we are going on this trip to serve. Pure and simple. 
No safari for us this time. 

3. Where are you staying in Uganda? 

We will be staying with my 'friend' Flo, her husband, and their two daughters in a house. I say 'friend' because we haven't officially met yet, but she seems wonderful, and I could not be more excited about getting to know her. Her family just recently arrived in Kampala. You can learn more about their story at Flo's blog

4. You and Lee must be really special people. I could never go to Africa and work in a children's prison. 

Ok, so this one's not a question, but it is something I want to address. Lee and I are not 'special' (although my mom would disagree. Hi, Mom.). We are normal people who make mistakes and get grumpy and can be selfish and sin just like everyone else. We are not going because it will be fun or easy. It won't be easy, and we're not planning on having much 'fun', at least not in the traditional sense. But, God wants us to go. He calls us to serve those who are less fortunate. We are going for one reason and one reason only: we are being obedient. If we DIDN'T go, we would be being disobedient. Period. It's as simple as that. 

God has given me such a heart for His people in Africa, and when I say I'm excited to go, I kind of feel like I'm lying because excited just doesn't seem big enough to express how I feel. But with this excitement comes the understanding that there are a lot of struggles in Africa. Those struggles are there now and will be there after I leave. But that doesn't mean I can't go and do what I can while I'm there. 

On that note, THANK YOU to everyone who has bought shirts or canvases or made donations or prayed for us. We are eternally grateful for the generosity we have been shown. And if you haven't yet ordered a shirt and are planning on doing so, 


The deadline will be this Tuesday, June 12th. I will place my final order with the t-shirt company first thing on Wednesday morning. AND, don't forget to enter my summer reading giveaway, which ends tonight. 

Here's hoping your weekend was filled to the tip top with the kind of goodness only summer can offer. 


  1. Sending you the very best wishes in your travels!

  2. Hi, I'm new to your blog! My friend told me I had to read it because I am leaving for Uganda in 29 days!!! I'm so excited as well! You can check out our team blog at, we are going to serve a family from our church who recently moved to Uganda!!!!


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