Sunday, June 19, 2011

Splishin' and Splashin'

Not sure about where you are, but where we are, it is nothing short of H.O.T.

And you know what that means.....

a $12 pool to entertain my kiddos and keep them from melting..... cause that would be messy for sure.

Pretty sure this one thinks it's a new found heaven on Earth.

And while Hollyn wasn't too sure of it at first, she and the pool have now bonded quite nicely.

If we only could teach Libby the proper pool hair etiquette, then I'm pretty sure all would be right with the world.

But that messy hair sure did make for one cute baby......

....and some quality sister time.....

.....and one amazing photo.

Thanks, new cell phone, for capturing some precious moments of my girls this weekend.

What are YOU doing to stay cool this summer?
Here's what worked for us in 2010.

And here's hoping your weekend has been nothing short of ugh-may-zing.

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