Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You might like....

I don't talk about products on here very often, but I think both of these are too good to keep all to myself.
First, let me proudly say that little miss Libby is now a great big reader! That's right, folks; the little girl has gone off and learned how to read. I guess this means daddy and I can no longer spell out things we don't want her little ears to hear. Bummer. Anyway, the English teacher in me is always on the lookout for good, quality children's books. To be honest, so many kids books that are published these days aren't very good. It seems like anyone can get a book published, even a book filled with bad lessons and grammatical errors. However, we have found some that we truly LOVE: the llama llama books by Anna Dewdney. Not only are they adorable, but baby llama, who isn't always so well behaved, learns good lessons from his llama mama. They're also really funny, have great pictures, and have a good balance of 'easy' words and more challenging words, such as fret, ponder, whimper, etc. Oh, and they rhyme, which helps Libby to figure out unfamiliar words.

My favorite is when Mama Llama tells Baby Llama to stop all that llama drama! Anyway, these books are super cute, we love them, and we think you might too. We're hoping the Easter bunny will bring another one our way. ;)

And product number 2 is:

this umbrella stroller. Seeing as Hollyn is a second child and I have fabulous friends who let me borrow all of their baby things, we've had to buy very little for Hollyn. By this I mean, we've gotten her all of one outfit and some bedding thus far. I still have my huge monster stroller that goes with my infant carrier. However, I remember with Libby just how inconvenient and cumbersome that thing can be. I also remember buying a cheap-o umbrella stroller with her and kicking myself everytime I used it because, low and behold, I got what I paid for with that one; it was wobbly, hard to push, and oh-so-very frustrating. So, I decided to treat myself with this new addition. My cousin has a Jeep stroller that has successfully survived four children, so I knew it would work. It's also the cheapest of what I consider to be the 'quality' umbrella strollers. And, best of all, it comes in hot pink. :) Oh, and my favorite part is that the handles are taller than most umbrella strollers, which seem to be made for people who are even shorter than I am, and that's saying something. My six foot two inch tall hubby pushed it earlier with no problem or back-hunching required. Now if only Hollyn were big enough to use it......

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  1. Oh the world of strollers! Why am I still shopping for a stroller when I had 6, count them SIX, in my garage? I've donated and sold 4 recently and will now buck up and spend the money for a good one. With good classified as: Shade, Basket, light-weight, able to push with one hand : )


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