Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Off to Camp We Go and Some Updates

Mkay. Let me start by saying this post is gonna be short and sweet,
as their are about twenty boxes begging to be unpacked tonight.

Last week Lib went to summer camp for the very first time.
To say she is in love simply doesn't do it justice.

I knew she would be.
After all, she does have a pinch or so of my DNA....and the love for all things camp runs through these ole' veins of mine like nobody's business.

And yes, her shirt does say "Dinosaurs are People Too".
It's her fave.
Can you blame her?

Here's a shot of Lib with her counselor.

This sweet college kiddo had no clue what she was in for with the Libster.
This lasted about all of five minutes, seeing as how her sass was showing before I even left.
I'm hoping they gave her a raise after we left last week's session.

Needless to say, Lib was t-totally fine being away from her momsie and popsie. However, she did say she missed Hollyn and Doc terribly.
Good to know Lee and I are so appreciated.
How sweet it is to be a parent, correct?

Anyway, while Lib was living it up at camp, here's what we were doing:

Oh, the joys of moving.
If you happen to know what said 'joys' are please let me know...I'm still searching for the answer to this one of life's great mysteries.

Tomorrow we are headed out of town for a doctor's appointment for Libby's eczema.
Until then, I will leave with a teeny tiny sneak peek of the new place:

Yes, those are original hardwoods.
Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart.

Happy Wednesday to you and you and you.

Please pray my back survives an out of town's been being especially moody since last week's nerve burn.

Promise to be back soon with more on the move that never ends.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not Sure the Runway is Ready for This

 The photographers from last weekend's shoot out have started posting pics, and I am ecstatic. They have been a great distraction from packing and unpacking, and I have loved seeing their different styles.

These first six were taken by Stacee at Kookabug Photography.
She was so nice and easy to work with; Libby did really well with her.
And if you ask me, she's the spittin' image of Darby.
And can I just say I am madly in love with her pics?
Because I am crushin' hardcore over these shots.

These next three were taken by Katie, from Katie McDill photography.
Katie was the last photographer we worked with that day, and by then Lib had about had all she could take of the heat. However, Katie still managed to get some amazing shots.
She's an elementary school teacher, and she really connected well with the Libster.

And these last five were taken by Erin, from Erin Norman Photography.
Erin and I have been friends since college, so it was great getting to see her again and catch up a little.
She is truly a natural talent, and I think she has a fabulous eye, if you know what I mean.
I love the artsy perspective she adds to her shots.
And I love the variety of lenses she uses.
I think Erin and Libby spent more time giggling than they did shooting, which was fine by me, especially considering how AMAZING Erin's shots are.
Look and see for yourself.

And last, I have a few pics. from Snapshot's Photography by Sylvia Wedel. Sylvia, believe it or not, is new to the photography world. If I do say so myself, she is very talented. I loved her shots of Libby. She is located in the Columbus, MS, area. If you'd like to contact her to schedule a shoot, let me know,
and I'll be happy to get you a hook up.

This concludes our 'This is my Kid Whom I Happen to Think is Pretty Darn Cute' edition here at Lee, Me, and the Girls. Please come back soon for an update on Lib's first camping experience and our hardest move to date.
Thanks for being patient with me and my random posting habits as of late....our Internet is now up and running at the new house (can I get a high five for this?), and I double pinky promise to be back here more often in the days to come.

Happy Tuesday, homies.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Going to Camp: Packing Tip

This little girl leaves for camp in less than two days.

She's super excited, but it will be her first time to be away from home on her own.
And while I'm not packing anything of real value,
 I would like most of what she leaves with to return home with her.

And after eleven summers of camp experience, I learned a thing or two about how to make the whole packing process a little easier.

Bloggers, meet Lib's camp tub:

I packed everything she needed in her tub (I would use a trunk if she were going for a longer amount of time, but everything fit well in here so we went with it),
 and inside of the lid, I taped a list of everything that I packed in her tub.

This way, when it's time to pack to come home, she knows what all she is supposed to have.

Hopefully, this will make the whole 'independent trip away from home' a little easier for her.
Seriously though, as long as she makes it home with her Lovie, we are good....everything else is replaceable.

Now let's just hope the camp staff is ready for this.....

Happy Tuesday, my peeps.

I'm taking procrastination to a whole new level today, considering I need to be 100% packed by tonight so that I won't have to remove myself from the couch following tomorrow's nerve burn.

But at this rate, I'll be back very, very soon.

Until then: happy camping.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Point, Focus, Shoot

Just in case there was any confusion:

* El nerve burn for my back is in T-minus 2 days.
*Libby leaves for summer camp in 3 days.
* We move in 4 days.

Busy is my word for the week.

But yesterday we took a break from busy and headed out of town to meet up with this lovely lady:

Remember my friend Erin? If you don't, you'll find her button on my sidebar. She's an AMAZING photographer, and this weekend she hosted a shoot out. What's a shoot out, you ask?
I said the same thing at first.
A shoot out is when a group of photographers get together with a group of models to take some pics, practice new ideas, and develop their portfolios.
And a few months back when Erin asked if Libby could be their child model for the day, of course I said yes.

So, Lee kept his eyes on this one yesterday.....

.....while Kristen and I played dress up with this one.

The photo shoot was held at an old mansion, and it was beautiful.
Hot....but beautiful.
And by hot, I mean the heat index was 107, and I now know what people mean when they say they were 'sweating buckets'.

But, we braved the heat, Libby cranked her diva up full force, and we all had fun.

This shot was taken with my phone.....which I am seriously enjoying, in case you were wondering.

Needless to say, I can't wait to see how the pics turned out.....but Erin was gracious enough to give me a peek at one of her out takes.

If this is an out take, I better hold on to my britches when the real pics are posted.

And after a long, sweaty day, Lib was rewarded with her very first restaurant coke.

If you have a moment, please say a little prayer for our family. This week is bound to be super stressful, and I really hope my kiddos adjust well and that I can keep my cool for the next few more ways then one.

Happy Monday to you and you and you.

And in case you're wondering, our computer is still on the outs, but we are working on it. I MISS BLOGGING and miss you and your comments....this whole non-blogging every day thing just isn't working for me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Busiest I Have Ever Been

Sweet, sweet summertime....filled with lazy, carefree days, popsicles, and sprinklers, right?
Negative, at least not at our house.

Seriously, in my thirty-one years,
 I don't ever recall being more busy than I have been the past two months or so.

And although we have found a little time to sneak in some t-ball games....

.....some sprinkler time....

....and some time to get our tan on.....

....We've mostly just been up to our eyeballs in busy.

Coming up next week in our little lives:

Wednesday- the almighty nerve burn (can you say, "Dreading this with every fiber of my being?")
Thursday- Libby leaves for summer camp AND we move
Friday- we close on the house (insert ecstatic cheers here)

So, if you need me, I'll be busy packing....and packing.....and packing some more.
And if you thought moving was super dooper fun before, you should try moving with a messed up back.
Let me just say that the fun never ends at our house.

Oh, and did I mention that our computer died?
Excellent timing.
So in case my blogging wasn't sporadic enough,
please bare with me until we get a chance to go computer shopping.

And don't forget about us, mkay?